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What is Structural Integration?

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, (A.T.S.I.), is a style of myofascial bodywork that helps to ease, lift and align your body organising the anatomical building blocks towards their correct position by manipulating the fascia,

This encourages better posture and for the muscles to be used properly, reducing stress on ligaments and abnormal wear of joint surfaces.

Once in better alignment, your body moves with more ease and efficiency and is much less likely to feel pain.

Unlike massage, A.T.S.I focuses on the body’s fascia. A system of connective tissue that runs throughout the body like a continuous web surrounding the muscles, bones, organs, veins and nerves, helping to give the body its shape and structure. Healthy fascia allows the muscles to slide and glide over one-another, but unhealthy fascia does the very opposite, restricting movement and pulling the body out of alignment, causing aching muscles and joint pain.

  • Less muscle aches and joint pain
  • Increased mobility and flexibility
  • Improved posture
  • Better body alignment
  • Enables muscles to work correctly
  • A sense of lift and less sluggishness
  • Long lasting results

A.T.S.I. is best suited to addressing long-term aches, pains, injuries and restrictions, which other therapies may only have offered short -term relief. Post treatment regular movement and exercise, such as Pilates will help to maintain your newfound flexibility, alignment and strength. As encouragement all North Shore Structural Integration clients receive 30% off their first starter pack at Pilates Connection.

Increased mobility and flexibility
  • My ATSI treatments with Liane really made a difference to my wellbeing and significantly decreased my levels of pain. I had suffered ongoing back/pelvic issues from my first pregnancy and the combination of Pilates and ATSI means that I can now move and sleep pain free! My body had become very stiff and I even found walking painful sometimes. Liane would do mini treatments on me and suddenly my body would move like it did pre-baby. After completing a series of ATSI treatments, I realised that my body had become accustomed to moving incorrectly and was ‘stuck’ in old habits. - I truly believe that ATSI released the fascia and muscles so that I could move freely and I could then re-train my body to move properly again.

    L.D’Souza 40+ Lane Cove, NSW

About The Studio

North Shore Structural Integration operates out of the Pilates Connection Studio in Lane Cove. Post treatment many of our A.T.S.I. clients enjoy the benefits of ongoing body maintenance by working with the highly skilled team of instructors at Pilates Connection.

Liane Geeves is a certified practitioner of Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, (A.T.S.I.) and a certified Structural Body Worker with a reputation for helping return her clients to better posture, freer movement patterns and the joy of living with less pain in their bodies.

Adding to these skills, Liane is also certified level 4 Pilates instructor and owner and operator of Pilates Connection in Lane Cove NSW. Over the last fifteen years she has helped many to improve their core strength, joint stability and rehabilitate from various injuries using her keen knowledge of body movement and Pilates.

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