The Treatment

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (A.T.S.I) is designed to work as a strategic twelve part treatment protocol. Each of the 12 visits targets a specific anatomical line or ‘train’.

The first four treatments are designed to address the superficial tissues, in preparation for deeper work carried out in subsequent sessions. This methodical and structural approach has proven to be a powerful and effective recipe with long standing results. But in order to achieve the maximum benefit of your ATSI treatments the full course has to be completed.

Time poor people who are unable to commit to a twelve series may like to consider a three series protocol, which again delivers results, but naturally lacks the detail that a twelve series offers. Some may choose to repeat the three series several months later in order to ‘tidy up’ any issues that need a second look.

Space between treatments is ideally seven to ten days, which gives the body time to adjust to the changes that have been offered and the central nervous system to settle into the new pattern.

Your practitioner will start each treatment with an assessment, which requires you to be in your undergarments, or shorts, before setting out on a tailored treatment plan appropriate to that session.

You’re A.T.S.I. practitioner will then apply just the right amount of hands on pressure to the body and a series of slow gliding techniques to address the anatomical line in question. This is often accompanied by simple body movements, which your practitioner will guide you through. During your treatment you will regularly be returned to a standing posture to assess the progress.

Structural Integration North Shore
  • Following constant and annoying pain in my neck and shoulders, I visited Northshore Structural Integration for an ATSI treatment with Liane, who I found to be a knowledgeable, dedicated and a caring practitioner. After one session my shoulder become much less stiff and my aches and pains resolved. I would recommend giving ATSI with Liane a go.

    M. Wilson 50+ Lane Cove NSW
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