History of A.T.S.I

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (A.T.S.I.) is one of a number of schools of Structural Integration, taking it’s lead from the pioneering work of Dr.Ida Rolf and then further developed by Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, who like Dr.Rolf, was born and educated in the USA.

It is the work of Tom Myers which has greatly helped to identify a series of lines, or ‘trains’ of fascia that run through the body from head to toe. All A.T.S.I practitioners work through the lens of Anatomy Trains as we assess and treat each individual according to their unique needs and patterning.

Scholars of modern anatomy now recognise the importance of the body’s fascial network and it’s essential role in transmitting and enhancing movement. Or in the case of the fascia becoming unhealthy, dried, tight and ‘stuck’, restricting movement and even cause pain.

This continuous connection of fascial fabric if pulled on in one area can transmit tension to another, a bit like pulling on a bit of clothing the tension may be felt far from the initial ‘tug’. Consequently symptoms may often manifest some distance from the root cause, hence the significance of these Anatomical Trains.

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