Who Can Benefit?

Pretty much anyone with a skeleton held together with muscles and connective tissue. From five to ninety-five years old, athlete or couch potato, all can benefit from Anatomy Trains Structural Integration bodywork, (A.T.S.I.)

Many factors contribute to the fascial tissues becoming dried, tight and ‘stuck’ . Poor posture, the body’s response to injury and trauma, the constant pull of gravity, or just spending too much time sitting behind the wheel of your car, or hunched over a phone or computer.

Over time this may cause your body to take on subtle bends, shifts, tilts and rotations as it attempts to accommodate the changes in the facial network, restricting muscle functioning, postural alignment, compressing organs and compromising movement patterns.

A.T.S.I. helps to lengthened and unwind the fascia from its tensioned or tight holding patterns, allowing greater ease and efficiency of movement. The skeletal structures then tend towards their correct alignment and long-term joint pain and stiffness is greatly reduced. This is an advantage to any body, but it’s particularly poignant as we age. Staying fit, pain free and mobile has never been so important, as more and more of us are now living to a greater age.

At the other end of the spectrum, many athletes are now trained to master the energy recoil action that healthy fascia offers and use this energy transfer to accelerate and enhance performance. For more information on Anatomy Trains in training email info@northshore-structurlaintegration.com.au

Structural Integration work demands a degree of energy and focus from the participating client. So if you are currently very unwell, or pregnant it is advisible to wait until these conditions have passed before starting an A.T.S.I treatment program.

Pilates and STructural Integration
  • I had a half knee replacement three years ago. A great surgeon, intense physiotherapy and Pilates strengthening resulted in a phenonmenal outcome. However, my body had been compensating for the bad knee for so long that even after surgery I was still stuck in my old movement patterns, which was contributing to my back pain. I have consulted numerous practitioners in search of some longer-term relief, but without success. I am finding the ATSI treatments with Liane, are giving me unexpected relief from the back pain and I am deeply encouraged by positive results to date, as I no longer feel the need for daily pain management medication.

    E.Wilks of Northbridge 50 something
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